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SPLM pinning tales of lies to cover up failures | Opinion

OPINION – It should be very clear, by now, that no single progress will be made or ever made-whether in short or long run-to reverse the damages already done and the seeds of division planted among the tribes in the country by the regime in South Sudan!
However, this isn’t the feeling and act always put forth by the pro-regime..( pro-regime here stands for all the parties to the so call Revitalised peace agreement). Who, in the face of all evidence and facts, are denying all the failures and obstacles on the pretext that there is a chance for peace to return in the country.

Meanwhile, in different accounts, the same parties to this agreement keep on attacking themselves and causing fear and havoc, among their supporters, that the country may reverse back to war. Consequently, the peace they’ve been claiming is nothing but a settlement and means to reunify the ranks and files of the so call SPLM cadres and disguise it thereafter.

Moreover, the tale-telling is becoming a virtue, daily, under the regime. This is because after realising and having detected fatigue in how the citizenry is responding to the war propaganda and tribal sentiments, it has become apparent that a different mechanism and strategy is needed; to continue encoding their lies and concealing any mischief they may be undertaking.

However, to critics, this isn’t surprising at all, since for years the regime under the SPLM tenure has neither achieved nor aspired to achieve anything but war! This we can say has been the greatest achievement, under SPLM government, that the people reaped after enduring so many injustices and pain in the hands of Bashir and his accomplices.

Nonetheless, the people persevered and continued their quest for freedom and dignity; to which they achieved in 2011 through a ballot voting but not through the barrel of a gun. As the regime would have you think.

In retrospect, the success or accomplishment of the regime has always been the tactical employment of different tales of lies to continue to sale to the general public their agendas through different mechanisms.

And by conniving and tale-telling they’ve managed to rule for more than a decade now! Yet, ordinary citizens roam the streets of juba feeding from leftovers for survival! This begs the question of whether our people have been cursed to be living under the harshest conditions in the world and still manage to be complacent?
I will leave it for you to fathom and ponder upon for a minute. Furthermore, the cultural and moral decadence that our society seems to be experiencing at the moment is the result of cultural appropriation( as most of these SPLM cadres incorporated NCP culture of impunity and immorality) on the ground that they themselves are untouchable and the feeling of entitlement!

For instance, it is never lacking to spot these so call SPLM leaders, on both sides of the spectrum, engaging in immoral and shameful behaviours: through sexual enslaving of young girls and forming a group of cartels of young boys to indoctrinate them into such inoculated practices!

Therefore, this is very disheartening looking into the future. Since our youth have already copied such kinds of behaviour and have incorporated them into their daily acts! This is the trajectory that the regime seems to be taking us to. A place where corruption dictates who is on the top of our food chain, praised and rewarded.
A society where immorality is highly tolerable! Where somebody can wake up poor and the next day he/she wakes up a billionaire( using south Sudanese currency here).

In summary, to say that we lost direction under SPLM cadres and rationale, why we took up arms, against Bashir government, in the first place, would be an understatement and an elevation on their part!

On the other hand, one cannot help it but fantasise what the SPLM cadres will turn into once incarnated in their second life. Pythons, Crocodiles or hyenas! I think crocodiles and hyenas are quite fitting their characters; since they all feed on carcasses.

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