Advice letter to Thiik Kiir Mayardit | Opinion

Advice letter to Thiik Kiir Mayardit | Opinion

Dear Thiik Kiir Mayardit,

Receive my warm greetings for the Easter.
My country brother, I received with joy two important things that have happened to you recently:

(1) Your appointment as Deputy Director in the Office of the President and, (2) The first public introduction(although brief) that your father, our President did to you in Bor Town, Jonglei State. I must say, I am sincerely happy for you.

However, allow me to say the following with regards to the above cited events:

(1). Your Appointment
Unlike a few South Sudanese who have raised concerned over your appointment to the office of the President who happened to be your father, I don’t find fault in that because I believe you have the skills needed to do the job and make things work as expected in that office and for that reason, I will appreciate that you work not as a President’s son but a South Sudanese civil servant who is serving his Country.

I will really appreciate if you can help in stopping the culture of President’s Office document leaking to the social media anyhow. This may not fall under your jusrisdiction, but as part of that big office, you can help address this with the authority concerned.

(2). Your first Public Appearance (introduction at Bor)
First, I appreciate the President (your father) for making you part of his delegation that traveled by road to Bor, Jonglei State and later introducing you to the public in Bor Town. To me, these were very important in twofold.

First, the population got to know atleast one of the children of the Head of State and secondly, you saw the state of the road connecting the Capital where your father, the President sits and one of the States under his authority. Now, if I may ask you, how did you see the population in Bor Town, how did the environment look like? how did you find the road you traveled on? If you were keen, you should have seen/noticed hunger in the faces of the population, the whole State is flooded and the roads are poor (except for the Juba-Bor road which has partially improved recently)- in fact, almost everything is ruined.

My brother, the situation you saw is not only in Jonglei State, it is a general situation in the Republic of South Sudan. Why am I telling you all these? It is generally believed that successful men/leaders get advices from either their women or adult children. As an adult son of the President with western world experience, you stand high chance to advise your father in the right trajectory.

I am not trying to say he is not receiving advices, but trust me most of the decisions he has been making in the recent past were from people who do not wish him well in his leadership.

As a person who is in so many ways connected to his reputation, you should take part in making sure he knows the challenges facing his citizens and how best he can help to address these challenges and not by being lied to by some his advisors that everything is OKAY.

Your recent public appearance is just a beginning of many public appearances that you will make. So, I don’t think you wish to stand in a public and be booed for a mistake that your father has made when you have the power to correct some of the mistakes or help him in the things he does now until his retirement for the sake of his and your legacy.

You, I and many youth of our age out there are the future of this country and we MUST do everything within our mights to advise our fathers with you being the lead, to choose the best path for this country so that our future and that of the generations that follow is as bright as the star in our National Flag.

…until then, I remain your country brother and wish you and your family a happy Easter Holiday and please tell Mr. President to visit all the States and takes you along.

Many regards!

Kuerguanyabiel, Jonglei State.

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