South Sudan Government orders release of all Ugandans illegally arrested

Government orders release of all Ugandans illegally arrested for lacking documentsThe directorate of nationality, passport and Immigration has on Tuesday today ordered for release of all Uganda citizens who are illegally arrested for lacking legal documents.

On request of the Ugandan business community, Atem Marol Biar, director general of the immigration said his order was a silent check to alert them (Ugandans) to take their documents for verification.

“If there are Ugandans who were arrested I don’t know, my order to deputy director was to conduct a silent check.” He said.

He added that South Sudan will offer three months for the foreign citizens to process their legal documents.

Marol reiterates that those Ugandans who claim about being over charged are the ones who have defaulted their long stay in the country with no documents.”

Seven years before now we used to charge 100 SSP as fine for those who illegally entered the country, now if you count 100 SSP for seven years that someone has defaulted visa fees it becomes much money.

But we don’t want to mistreat anyone. We are all brothers in East Africa.”

The director stressed.He said the operation is intended at carrying out verifications of all foreigners entering South Sudan for the safety and security of South Sudanese.

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