• Advice letter to Thiik Kiir Mayardit | Opinion

    Dear Thiik Kiir Mayardit, Receive my warm greetings for the Easter.My country brother, I received with joy two important things that have happened to you recently: (1) Your appointment as Deputy Director in the Office of the President and, (2) The first public introduction(although brief) that your father, our President did to you in Bor Town, Jonglei State. I must…

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  • Shame on IGAD for arresting Dr. Riek Machar | Opinion

    22nd December, 2020 In the afternoon of 21st December 2020, Social media front liners heard of the breaking news that South Sudan First Vice President Dr. Riek Machar is now a free man. I was somewhere in Nairobi town when this news entered my phone via news channel, 40062. I eagerly skimmed over and passed it to Benjamin Unyang whom…

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  • Opinion on the Luak Ltd by Mabior Garang

    By: Cde. Mabior Garang The intellectual mercenaries of the Luak Ltd have decided to project their myopic views and claim that the term “Luak Ltd” is tribal. This is not true. It is just a smokescreen to conceal the true political agenda of the enemy within; surrender. The Luak Ltd is a multinational South Sudanese political enterprise which has hijacked…

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  • What many people do not know | Opinion

    “When brothers fight to death, a foreigner will inherit their father’s house.” African Proverb. South Sudan youth ride atop a bus as they chant slogans in support of the referendum on southern independence in Juba, A certain man took his family to a far away country. He gave them a good land and showed them the way they should live…

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  • SPLM pinning tales of lies to cover up failures | Opinion

    OPINION – It should be very clear, by now, that no single progress will be made or ever made-whether in short or long run-to reverse the damages already done and the seeds of division planted among the tribes in the country by the regime in South Sudan!However, this isn’t the feeling and act always put forth by the pro-regime..( pro-regime…

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