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Every Professional deal with project in their professional or even personal life. Project management Skill is a MUST learning competency for every professionals. Project management is the essential skill that modern day managers, middle and senior managers, executives and students should have to excel in their careers and also demonstrate their project management skills.

This certification program covers current topics as needed in industry regarding Project Management. Wide range of content, modern and tool based materials will ensure best learning for delegates t apply those learning in Project management.

Why should I take this certification?

There are exciting career opportunities for project managers across several industry domains. You will learn all fundamentals, concepts, processes & procedures which are essential to become an effective project manager. It is an essential skill-set for anyone which can be applied in many careers and in several contexts of our lives.

By the end of this certification the delegate will be able to:

Prepare Project Proposal

Identify the key activities in the project life cycle

Manage Project like Professional

Keep projects on track by managing project risks

Capture valuable project lessons and use them to define and improve project management practices

Practice Project management Analytics for better decision making

Brief Outline:

M-1: Introduction to Project Management

M-2: Project Management Approach

M-3: Project Planning Phase

M-4: Project Scheduling Phase

M-5: Project Implementation Phase

M-6: Project Quality Management

M-7: Project Economics and Finance

M-8: Reporting &Documentation in Project Management

M-9: Ethics in Project Management

M-10: International Project Management

Source: South Sudan NGO Forum - Communication Portal - Latest posts

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